Thursday, August 24, 2006

Studie of values and colour with the unfinished tortoise.
I forgot to post the faries one...sorry..... I was quite inspire that day..

I have also finish a commercial for tv of a troll in 3d.
Have a look:

2 hours..Studing..light and not quite right.....:yawn: I think I know what is going on....more a an study......
I have to do more...not that get better at 15 minutes sketch ..those ones are more important than this finish much to learn.... I hope you like it....

I have also done a rough 2d animation of the baby tortoise in pacient......i was of my paintings....It was fun, I hope you like it....

Small study of an elephant home on top of my desk.Still
not finished..needs some final touches.I will post process.